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Photo Tagging Module for Orchard
This is an Orchard Module that allows you to tag a photo. It comes with a widget and a Page type. In addition to tagging photo's you can create a family tree/org chart to drill down into. (I originally built this for a family reunion).



This Module allows you to tag people or objects that are found in a picture.   

-Hierarchy/FamilyTree functionality

In addition to being able to tag users in the photo you can optionally select a drill down image for a person that tag.

An example of this usage would be a photo of your grandparents and their children.  If you click on one of your Aunt's tagged in the photo you will see a picture of her and her children.

demo.... coming soon



I haven't tested this with multiple widgets/photo tagging parts on the same page but am pretty sure it would brake.  I tried finding a good jQuery photo tagging library but didn't find anything good so I started rolling my own but I haven't needed more than one on a page so I haven't spent the time to tidy up the javascript and make a reusable jQuery plugin out of it. 

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